the YorkBright (JV) of Y&W and Brightline offers award-winning and ground-breaking Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR / AR) solutions and servicesFounded in 2004, YorkBright is a Joint Venture between York & Whiting and Brightline Interactive and is a certified Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB). We are focused on supporting mission rehearsal and training requirements that enable warfighters at the tactical edge and the federal workforce to improve skills and performance through innovative, immersive, and advanced Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (VR / AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and other advanced technologies.

Over the next several years, federal agencies will need to master an entirely new world – the Metaverse. Fueled by advances in artificial intelligence, 5G, and miniaturization, Extended Reality (XR) technologies, including Virtual and Augmented Reality, are poised to become more powerful and more commonplace across the federal government. In today’s complex, digital-first world, XR will redefine how government trains its warfighters and workforce, delivers services to customers, and operates remotely. XR is helping federal agencies reimagine how they can operate while making data more accessible and digestible.

Most in government already recognize the need for action when it comes to integrating XR and expand the applications for XR over time:

78%of federal technology leaders say XR is very or extremely important for meeting agencies’ mission needs
86%of federal technology leaders say it will be very or extremely important by the end of 2026

Source: Accenture Federal Services, “Federal extended reality: Merging the real and virtual world.”

Whether an agency requires a fully immersive experience, with users deeply engaged in a simulated all-virtual environment, or a blend of the physical and digital worlds, YorkBright offers award-winning and ground-breaking VR / AR solutions and services to meet the needs of DoD, Intelligence, and Civilian agencies and commercial entities.

Incorporating our proven and highly acclaimed End2End (E2E) Analytics Approach , our team conducts requirements analysis and mapping, alignment to goals and needs, enterprise level solution development for pilots and enterprise deployments, immersive platform design and integration, and post deployment assessment so agencies can fully leverage NEXTGEN VR / AR concepts and technologies.

Virtual Reality-as-a-Service Platform

Our Virtual Reality-as-a-Service (VRaaS) platform helps federal leaders determine how VR / AR can positively impact their agency and enable their missions, including delivering effective warfighter training simulations, immersive engagements, interactive games, and augmented tactical operations:

  • VRaaS is a suite of modular digital architecting tools that can be used to develop immersive and engaging simulation and training environments
  • Our platform can be customized, allowing organizations to create, modify, control, and analyze their own rehearsal and training environments and scenarios and make changes on the fly
  • YorkBright uses biometric, neural, and physiological data measurement to enhance reality and support photorealistic 3D design, but customer-developed or third-party sensors and fabrication tools can also be integrated
  • We partner with our customers to deliver the services required to plan, map, analyze, execute, and continually transform the platform to achieve the training goals required and improve ongoing performance

YorkBright has established partnerships with many leading technology companies that serve the immersive VR / AR technology community across federal and commercial sectors, offering our clients the most comprehensive VR / AR, AI, and other solutions and services.

Experience our AR / VR solutions to enhance warfighter and workforce training and meet your mission needs today and in the future.