Strategic Consulting

Y&W has in-depth expertise in enterprise architecture (EA) and support for systems development that incorporates an agile design approach to applications / tools / solutions development and management, technical documentation, hardware / software, communications engineering, systems integration, release management, testing, infrastructure engineering, and systems architecture. Our EA capabilities and strategic consulting services help IT and program leaders guide their agency’s digital transformation and technology modernization, analytics & BI, and intelligence operations projects to achieve program goals and mission success.

Our approach is based on a deep understanding of engineering and architecture principles, including quality, release / application management, and the importance of accurate testing. Additionally, we consult on applications operations and sustainability, including DevTools. We routinely advise on architecture requirements that facilitate business transformation efforts, including the delivery and implementation of prioritized capabilities and resource / material requirements, within the context of an enterprise framework for a comprehensive End-to-End (E2E) solution.