Intelligence & Artificial Intelligence Operations

Y&W excels at providing support to organizations in intelligence and artificial intelligence operations, including strategic to tactical level support, cybersecurity, the collection / analysis / production / advancement of multi-intelligence tradecraft studies, threat analysis, and the use of predictive analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to proactively identify issues and rapidly mitigate threats.

Solutions: Y&W provides direct support to the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), including intelligence analysis in the areas of enterprise integration, tactical-level operational observations, and CONOPS / CBA / ICD development, as well as support to numerous departments and agencies, including Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Special Operations, CCMDs, JIOCs, Service Components, NGA, NSA, NRO, MASINT, and Coalition/Partner Nations (FVEY).

Results: Y&W’s efforts significantly matured the Distributed Common Ground System (DCGS) Enterprise, facilitated progress toward mitigating Combatant Command Integrated Priority Lists (IPL) gaps within JS J28 Battlespace Awareness Functional Capability Board (BA FCB), and provided the required logistical planning for future OUSD (I&S) Enterprise Challenge (EC) global ISR demonstration events.

Our team developed the first-ever DCGS Enterprise Scenario / Federation in a Fight (DES/FIAF) thread, with all DCGS Service Programs of Record (PoR), NGA, NRO, NSA, and coalition partner participation, representing the community’s first attempt using a DCGS-centric, Joint Scenario at Enterprise Challenge and STORMFORCE. This effort addressed critical ISR interoperability challenges while introducing an operationally focused end-to-end process to measure and assess DCGS capabilities and gaps across the enterprise, providing a greater context for Joint sharing of multi-intelligence products and reports within multi-domain environments. York & Whiting received an A+ CO/COR contract rating and numerous personal performance commendations for our efforts.