Data Science and Analytics

Proven track record employing mathematics, statistics, artificial intelligence (AI), and other scientific techniques to correlate complex, technical findings and data into actionable intelligenceY&W has significant past performance employing mathematics, statistics, information science, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), network science, probability modeling, data mining, data engineering, data warehousing, data compression, data protection, and other scientific techniques to correlate complex, technical findings and data into graphical, written, visual and verbal narrative actionable intelligence.

Y&W has in-depth experience implementing analytic methodologies using Bayesian modeling, Markov chain (MC) & Hidden Markov Model (HMM), predictive analytics, uncertainty models, decision risk, and agent-based modeling that provide customers with leading-edge analytic capabilities that encompass both quantitative and social science methods. Our team helps leaders to conduct ongoing analysis and drive data transformation initiatives, as well as facilitate insight and confident decision-making across the enterprise at all levels.

Solutions: Y&W provided research, data collection, performance management consulting & metrics, application of quantitative analytic methods, reporting, enterprise process modernization, and technical editing in support of the Defense Intelligence Agency’s (DIA) Analysis of the Future (AoF) contract. Our team supported the modernization of the defense intelligence all-source analytic enterprise (DIAAE) by integrating and evaluating current and future efforts, identifying critical gaps and requirements, and applying new and advanced methods and enterprise governance.

Results: Y&W designed, developed, and applied a variety of decision analytics, mathematical and statistical techniques, data mining, modeling and simulation, and other analytic methods, combined with military and / or IC judgment that directly addressed DIA’s Director for Analysis’ operational and planning challenges and facilitated senior leadership’s informed decisions. Y&W provided unique and timely analysis on a range of high-priority, operationally-focused issues, using multi-source data in the context of inter-disciplinary techniques and methods.

Y&W successfully identified and evaluated a wide range of existing methods, models, and algorithms to develop more accurate, complete, objective, and anticipatory analysis for intelligence production. Our team identified, retrieved, manipulated, and exploited structured data sets from available sources, using scripts, visual analytic modeling tools, and SOPs for repeatable, evaluating capabilities and limitation of analytic methodologies. This resulted in more effective and optimized analysis supporting DIA’s analytical framework.